Friday, March 6, 2009

Introducing - A New Homemade Chocolate Truffle


What is Chocolate Truffles?

Chocolate Truffles are basically made up of two parts, the soft centered ball, and the outer coating.

Traditionally, the center is a combination of melted chocolate and cream. This is generally referred to as "ganache". It is a mixture of cream and chocolate - you can be certain that you will find a mouthful of delight, and of course, a smile.

The outer coating is customarily made from tempered chocolate that provides a nice crunchy shell when set.

Storage - These truffles should be stored in an airtight container at cool & dry room temperature for 1 week, or keep refrigerated for 2 weeks. Allow them to come to room temperature before serving.

SecretSpell provides homemade chocolate truffles, the ultimate luxury gift suitable for all special occasions. Give your nearest and dearest a unique gift for Mothers Day, Valentine Day, Birthday or special occasion, a superb gift box of chocolate truffles. These homemade truffles were freshly prepared for your arrival date.

Our Packaging Sizes

We provide three sizes of packaging, each containing a selection of our homemade truffles.

Use by Date
Because we refuse to use preservatives or additives in our truffles, we recommend that our chocolate truffles are eaten within two weeks of receipt.

Wedding Favor

– the really tasty bit

Simply choose any of our handmade chocolate truffles that you would like to put inside your gifts pack.


As each wedding is personal and bespoke we suggest that you contact us direct to discuss your requirements and we’ll build a quote for you. As a guide prices start from * RM2.50 for three pieces of chocolate truffles. Packaging and posting is an additional cost.

* subject to minimum orders.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the chocolate truffles we offer here or to place your order, simply drop an email at Don't forget to state your phone number in your e-mail and we will call you for confirmation of order. Alternatively you can call or text me at 019-2628299 (Ida).